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The Regina Corvette Club

The Regina Corvette Club is  more than just Regina residents that own Corvettes. We are really a provincial club with members from across Saskatchewan, Canada.

We currently have about 17 members and about another 17 associate members. Click on the tabs shown above to find out more.

The criteria for being a member of the Regina Corvette Club (RCC) is that you must own a Corvette. As a member of RCC you will receive a membership card which entitles you to discounts for gasoline at Regina Coop gas stations, a name-tag for yourself and one associate member, a monthly newsletter (except December),and a copy of the RCC Constitution.  You will receive a phone list of current active members and you will be added to the RCC Talk Mail group so that you receive reminders of upcoming events. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month, time and location dependant on weather and circumstances. Elections are held every October meeting. Membership fees are $35 each year and expire every October 31st.

The Prairie Glass Post

The Newsletter of the Regina Corvette Club